Recently, I have been thinking more about my future and where I want to dedicate my time and effort in the coming months. A lot of this thought has come from personal changes in my home life as well as new priorities which have arisen because of it. As many of you know I am in University full-time. This has to be my number one priority in life as my degree is important to my future ambitions. I'm also sure many of you know that I plan to join the Army in the UK after I finish University in 2024. With my beginning the process of joining the Army I have to dedicate more energy to this in terms of fitness and other personal development. This means I am no longer able to dedicate as much time or energy to stuff which I do enjoy. What I'm mainly referring to is Modern Hosting.

I have worked/ran Modern Hosting now for over two years, with me starting it along with Modern_Mo in May of 2020, shortly after the pandemic began. We started Modern Hosting with an ambition to take over the Unturned Hosting Scene and wider Game Market. For a long time, we dominated and are still one of two/three major players in the Unturned Hosting Market. However, my interest in management and the company has decreased. Along with the other things going on in my life, I have recently started to work with Pine Hosting in a more tech-related role with less management which I enjoy more than the work I formerly did at Modern. I find the work I do at Pine Hosting to be more stable as well as have a greater enjoyment factor for my current lifestyle around my other current ambitions.

With this, I announce my resignation as General Manager at Modern Hosting and with that my part ownership of the company. This has been a hard decision to make. Modern Hosting has been a large part of my life over the last two years and certainly has taken me a long way in my understanding of lots of aspects of running a business and a hosting company and I can gladly say that I wouldn't be in the position I am now without Modern Mo and Dominic. They gave taught me an awful lot and will always remain my friends. Sadly, everything good must come to an end and with that is my time at Modern Hosting. I wish all the best for Modern Hosting and the team there in their future ambitions.

I will be continuing my work at Pine Hosting and still attempting to interact with the Unturned community wherever I can, I'm not going far. Just not involved with Modern Hosting.

Thank you for reading and I will see you around :)