Hello! My name is Edward Brook im a 18 year old (mainly student) from Surrey which is a county south west of London in the United Kingdom! This is my first every blog post where i am intending to just talk a bit about what i do and what i am going to be writing about to see if you want to read in the future. Please do cut me some slack however, i am very new to this so it may take me some time to get my boots of the ground.

What do i do currently?

In between my Computer Science degree which i have recently started at Swansea University, i manage, develop and part own a relativley small game service provider. We currently host only games servers and dedicated server but we are looking to expand our offerings in the future. I mainly do it as a side job/project but i enjoy it and thats what matters most for me, its also a massive learning experience in running a buisness ontop of developing and managing the systems needed for our speicifc buisness.

With the buisness i have become relativley increasingly interested with software engineering aswell as system administration which i have needed to be more direct hands on with to run the company, and thats what this blog is going to be mainly about. I intend to create guides, talk about current systems i use ontop of bringing you all along for the ride of using and learning new ones. I will talk more in depth about the tools and my busisness in a seperate blog post which will come soon.

Along top of my computer sciencey related side of my life i also have a few other side hobbies which are changing and developing all the time. I am a massive drone flyer and cinematographer with my current main drone being a DJI FPV and i am also currently just starting my journey to join the british army as a officer after i graudate university. So i may also be documenting my experience and development within these hobbies.

What did i use to do

Most of my past experience in the field of computer science and hobbies have all been relativley beginner so should really be treated as such, we all have to start somewhere at the end of the day.

I have a decent amount of past managerial work and most of the work i did inspired me to start my current game server provider in march of last year. I have run multiple small to medium sized game servers from Minecraft to Unturned, a few successfull a few not so successfull but all have been a learning experience and deffinitly gave me the starting ground i needed in managing game servers to start the company. Ontop of this sort of basic managerial/development of game servers i have also worked for a couple large social media influencers in terms of running discords aswell as there own game servers/buisnesses. Most recently Blairs Brainiacs which i resigned from in May of this year where i was the operations manager ontop of being a small time developer controlling the 30,000 person discord and some small internal systems.